We find our business share by delivering software solutions and enrich entrepreneurship by identifying upcoming entrepreneurs.

Software Solutions

A good deal of taking Ebidrive's Software Experience into your company
We are available to our upcoming entrepreneurs or established businesses to give automation solutions.
We prefer taking risk by collaborating with you on partnership mode.
We constantly update hi-end software technologies and consistently put our hard working in-between the lines of established software companies.

We deliver customized software applications and eye catchy websites of all kind.



We identify upcoming entrepreneurs through our unique workshop and assist their entrepreneurial initiatives to get funded.

We do have unique 5-Yrs entrepreneurial internship on request. Our internship trains interns in respect of starting & managing business ventures, risk management, business intelligence and so on and so forth.



Business We deliver our Business Intelligence in respect of administration and operational oriented management requirements.
Software Consultation Design and implementation of information technology solutions across all business domains.

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