We engender entrepreneurship and guide them in terms of talent acquisition, human resources and software solutions.
We identify and nurture upcoming entrepreneurs through our unique entrepreneurship internship methodology.
Successful interns are funded 33% - 60% for their dream Project


We identify and nurture upcoming entrepreneurs, helps them to convert theirs dreams into reality through our unique internship methodology
We offer consultation to them to manage business ventures, risk management, business intelligence.

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Aranidhi & Enkalvi

Aranidhi - Online banking for philanthropists. Modules include user, charities, donation and expenses etc
Enkalvi - Institute Management Software, Modules include modules for a school includes Student, Staff, Attendance, Marks, and Communication etc

Aranidhi Enkalvi

IT Services

Designing and implementation of information technology solutions for Industries, maintenance and development of applications for Banking, Insurance, offshore software development.
Website designing for wedding, Family, Freelancer, Ecommerce

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  • Syed Imran Mohammed

    I approached you with only intention of learning Java, but as the sessions went through I realized am not only gaining knowledge in Java but I had actually started to understand mySELF in a better way. Thanks to BrevitySoft in identifying me to offer me an Entrepreneurship Internship 3 Yrs program. This taught me how to build an asset with entrepreneurial skills and now business community appreciate me the way how I control the flow of a project...

  • Ruthrakumaran R

    I see 2 extreme types of personalities leading their life journey, the one part create a safe and secured family and the second part of people dedicating their life for society. I observe many choosing their life to create a secured family life. Only few dedicate life for society, it does not mean that whoever not dedicated their life for society is making a mistake because what I found is that this is something relating to birth.

  • Aadhavan G S 

    Before I Joined in BrevitySoft I just thought internship is a training period to train the person for their projects. I even didn't know my strengths before I joined. BrevitySoft gives space to know my strengths and weakness and guide to grow on strengths and overcome the weakness. BrevitySoft provides training such as what is leadership, how to speak professionally and how to collaborate with colleagues and subordinates. I feel personally and professionally happy in my Internship.