About Internship

The 1 yr internship is mandatory for Ebidrive employment
Internship comes in 2 forms
  • With stipend
  • Without stipend
With stipend attracts internship fee of Rs.1Lakh


Designation and Stipend

Junior Software Engineer

Duration - First 3 months from the date of joining

Stipend - Rs. 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousands)

Software Engineer Trainee

Duration - 7 months after completion of preparation

Stipend - Rs. 7,000/- (Rupees Seven Thousands)

Software Engineer

Duration - 2 months after completion of trainee

Stipend - Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousands)

More Info...

  • Eligibility: BE/BTech, BCA, B.Sc(CS)
  • Year Of Passing: Current year of graduation
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Send resume to: careers@ebidrive.com
  • Contact Person: Madhavan G S
  • Contact Number: +91 94452 66287

Internship Benefits

  • Internship starts with Employment offer letter
  • Internship with Stipend for 1Yr
  • Stipend Rs.84,000 during Internship
  • Software career for a fresher
  • No employment bond
Step 1

Apply for Internship

If you are a fresher in the specified degrees then you can send resume to careers@ebidrive.com

Step 2

Clear Interview

Once your resume get selected, you have to clear interview contains basic programming skills

Step 3

Pay Interhship Fee

After cleared interview, pay internship fee from your personal bank account through cheque or Netbanking

Step 4

Receive Offer Letter

Once your payment get received, your employment will get confirmed. you will receive your offer letter


  • What our interns says? Read Below

    Before my internship at Ebidrive, I didn't have any knowledge about IT industry. I had a different perception about IT industry thinking that it is entirely vary from other fields. But Ebidrive internship help me to possess the knowledge in both software technologies and non-technical skills such as communication, personality development and leadership. Now I know about the various departments in IT field and how they collaborate carrying out a successful project. During Ebidrive Internship I feel ownership of my work.

    Madhavan G S (Manager at Ebidrive)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    Ebidrive gave me the understanding about the work culture and activated my childhood desire to become a successful Software Engineer in IT industry. Before I Joined in Ebidrive I just thought internship is a training period to train the person for their projects. I even didn't know my strengths before I joined. Ebidrive gives space to know my strengths and weakness and guide to grow on strengths and overcome the weakness. Ebidrive provides training such as what is leadership, how to speak professionally and how to collaborate with colleagues and subordinates. I feel personally and professionally happy in my Internship.

    Aadhavan G S (Manager at Ebidrive)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    Here, I have learned Java related technologies at intermediate level. I have earned very good friends and we are very collaborative with each other. I would proudly say that now am a Software Engineer. I am very much happy to work here. Ebidrive, Thanks a lot for providing this greatest internship oppurtunity

    Deepakkarthick S (Software Engineer)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    Before this internship training I thought here i can learn only technical skills. Initially I thought learning programming is difficult but later Ebidrive made me to have interest in programming language. During this internship i learned many thing than programming language. And I really enjoyed to work with my team mates. After this 1 year of internship I have a better clarity in my carrier from the experience of my seniors

    Senthilkumar B (Software Engineer)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    Ebidrive is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talents prosper in a positive working IT environment. I am able to develop myself both personally and professionally in a Productive manner. Ebidrive is a meticulous place to work with colleagues and Consultants. They always ready to provide their best support with More attention and Patience. Ebidrive provides various trainings to interns not only technically other than that Corporate Etiquette, Time Management, Goal Setting, Email Writing Skills etc. These trainings give me a great help in grooming and developing myself. I Adopted and loves to work in this Family

    Venkateswara Rao (Software Engineer)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    Am a Mechanical Engineering Graduate and had an opportunity to take part in an internship with BrevitySoft and this internship is something that changed my perception of what Information Technology is all about. With the opportunity to learn from Experienced Consultants, I can able to see the IT Services are more than just people sitting with systems and doing some thing. This opportunity to work with the BrevitySoft as an intern made my career in IT Industry hopefully. Experiencing an internship with the BrevitySoft, is more than just an exciting training, it is a wide-opened door of learning and opportunity to Grab.