We enrich entrepreneurship by identifying and nurturing upcoming entrepreneurs through our unique entrepreneurship internship methodology
Our internship trains interns in respect of starting & managing business ventures, risk management, business intelligence and so on and so forth
We assist successful interns to get funded for their dream Project

Duration - 5 Years

1 year : Employment Internship;

2 years : Entrepreneurship Internship;

2 years : Entrepreneurship Deployment;

Key Result Areas

  • Learning of Business Fundamentals
  • Business aspects at intermediate level
  • Interns buying shares of Ebidrive Business Units
  • Award of hosting projects to interns by Ebidrive

Employment Internship

Software Internship with employment exclusive for freshers. You will get 3 years of working exposure from Ebidrive

Duration: 1 Year


Entrepreneurship Internship

Here, you will learn Business aspects at intermediate level, you have the provision to buy shares from Ebidrive

Duration: 2 Years


Entrepreneurship Deployment

Host a new project under the guidance of Ebidrive, gain confidence and float the project as a Pvt. Ltd. Company

Duration: 2 Years


Upcoming Entrepreneur

Yes. We proud to say that you are an upcoming entrepreneur, strive hard to chase your dreams.

Duration: Life time

  • What our interns says? Read Below

    “I approached Ebidrive with only intention of learning Java, but as the sessions went through I realized am not only gaining knowledge in Java but I had actually started to understand mySELF in a better way. Thanks to Ebidrive in identifying me to offer me an Entrepreneurship Internship 3 Yrs program. This taught me how to build an asset with entrepreneurial skills and now business community appreciate me the way how I control the flow of a project...”

    Syed Imran Mohammed (Software Engineer & Entrepreneur)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    “I m sure everyone in this world will definitely have an opportunity to serve the society but for the born leaders it becomes a duty. As born leaders some grasp the opportunity to live for noble cause, others fail. I was introduced to Ebidrive on Feb’2013 and this happened to me to have best days in my life and I came to know about entrepreneurship, philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.
    This part of my life helped me to understand my purpose of birth and take a bold decision to serve for society.”

    Ruthrakumaran R (Lead Engineer at HCL)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    The way Ebidrive teaching us all these life lessons are totally different from our education methodology. their taught us everything in reality. All his teaching inspire everyone and makes how to change our "thoughts into reality by dealing ourselves".
    Ebidrive really changed the way how am looking the life. Thank you Ebidrive for changing my life into meaningful.”

    Hemavathy M (CEO - EnSteps)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    “Ebidrive made me to understand mySELF... Now I feel myself eligible to take part in Top Management discussions and decisions in a short span of 3 years time. Ebidrive's real time training helps me to learn many business techniques from legends in a quick time. I learned from you to love my profession even in tough situation. You showed me how to face and find solutions at tough times as an Entrepreneur. Ebidrive changed my view towards family, society, entrepreneurship, GOD etc... I wish to succeed as a women-entrepreneur and will continue contributing to Ebidrive to the best of my potential."

    Monicka Akilan (Head - Ebidrive)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    “Ebidrive gave me the understanding about the work culture and activated my childhood desire to become a successful Software Engineer in IT industry. Before I Joined in Ebidrive I just thought internship is a training period to train the person for their projects. I even didn't know my strengths before I joined. Ebidrive gives space to know my strengths and weakness and guide to grow on strengths and overcome the weakness. Ebidrive provides training such as what is leadership, how to speak professionally and how to collaborate with colleagues and subordinates. I feel personally and professionally happy in my Internship.”

    Aadhavan G S (Manager at Ebidrive)
  • What our interns says? Read Below

    “"Before my internship at Ebidrive, I didn't have any knowledge about IT industry. I had a different perception about IT industry thinking that it is entirely vary from other fields. But Ebidrive internship help me to possess the knowledge in both software technologies and non-technical skills such as communication, personality development and leadership. Now I know about the various departments in IT field and how they collaborate carrying out a successful project. During Ebidrive Internship I feel ownership of my work.”